Audi Q3 2023 Review, Price, Interior and Exterior Pictures

Updated On: 07 December, 2022
Audi Q3
Price Rs. 7,000,000

Audi Q3 – An Expensive Entry to Automobile Industry:

The year 2018 witnesses the entry of an expensive SUV to automobile industry of Pakistan. It’s the all new Audi Q3. There is a logic behind its being expensive, i.e. the sports utility vehicle comes with tons of high quality features both for the interior and exterior. At the same time, the built-in engine is brimming with power and efficiency.

In fact, the new vehicle aims at providing extreme level of luxury only to the top one percent of the country. It means, owing to the high Audi Q3 price in Pakistan, the car isn’t going to be affordable for the people from middle and lower economic strata of the society.

Nevertheless, in return for the Audi Q3 price in Pakistan, i.e. around five million rupees, you get something really great. It will enable you to enjoy an extremely energetic, smooth and luxurious drive on all the terrains. Meanwhile, the provisions for the passengers are just above the par.

Q3 SUV – The Latest Addition to Q3 Family:

Last year, the sedan version of the worldwide famous Audi Q3 made a successful and welcoming entry to Pakistan’s automobile industry. This time it is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) version of the car that makes its debut in the market.

Audi Q3 Picture

Talking of the Q3 family, the Q3 SUV is the latest addition to it. On the other hand, the family already consists of Q3 Jinlong Yufeng, Q3 Concept, Q3 Vail and the Q3 Red Truck. All these vehicles, from the house of Audi, speak of the manufacturer’s commitment to superior quality tech standards against reasonable price.

Furnishing & Designing Standards:

In the present Q3 SUV model, there appear certain changes to the details of standard Audi design. All these modifications serve to make the vehicle more graceful and perfect.


On exterior, the manufacturers have furnished it with High Intensity Discharge (HID) technology for headlights. The tail lamps, on the other hand, use the LED technology. Turning to interior, there are heated power leather seats that contribute to the comfort and luxury of drive.

Here, in addition to the Sport and Prestige packages, the users will also enjoy Bose audio, power lift-gate, lane change assist, MMI nav, and so on. The angular grille and up front headlight arrangements make its face large and distinctive. There are full LED headlights. However, in the SE model, you will come across xenon lights as stock standard.

The rear of this sports utility vehicle has got a gliding look with two exhaust pipes and the trademark Audio number plate. On the other hand, the angling of backlights matches the new trend of the front lights. Among other features, you won’t notice any significant changes.


The interior abounds in tech provisions, space and decency. The dashboard too brings some advance tech accomplishments. At the same time, the decently spacious interior is going to offer special appeal to the taller people. There is also the advance system for heating and cooling the interior. Other amazing features include power windows, navigation system, multifunction steering wheel, DAB radio, 8 speakers as well as a manually retractable 6.5-inch color screen.

For the driver, there is standard adjustable seat which you can also operate through the optional electric seat adjustment mechanism. Two big cup holders have enough space to hold a small water bottle and a takeaway coffee cup.

Power & Performance:

Here is another important aspect of the Q3 that you would love to know before making a decision to purchase it. The manufacturers have installed an extraordinarily powerful 150-horsepower engine which will provide an ever energetic drive. Meanwhile, the S Tronic Transmission mechanism is there to render better road grip and agility on the road.

Audi Q3 Exterior