Updated On: 27 January, 2020
Honda Civic 2020 1.8 i-VTec
Price Rs. 3,499,000
Honda Civic 2020 1.8L i-VTec Oriel
Price Rs. 3,749,000
Honda Civic 2020 1.5L RS Turbo
Price Rs. 4,399,000

New Turbo RS – First Time in Pakistan:

A new Civic – Civic RS Turbo – is out, making its debut in Pakistan. It takes the model count to four, namely, 1.8L, 1.8L VTI Oriel, Civic Facelift, RS Turbo. In addition, there is also a Sport trim. Honda Civic 2020 price in Pakistan for different variants varies between 32 to 40 lac rupees.

Read on to discover what’s special for you in the new Honda and put it against the Honda Civic 2020 price in Pakistan.

The Civic siblings have been ruling the roads for decades now. To keep users’ interest alive, the company keeps on introducing innovation in the new models.

Carrying new tech and engineering marvels, the all-new Turbo RS will rev the hearts of those who aspire to the balance of executive luxury, style, and power.

It also impresses on the appearance front with its brilliant array of body shades, urban titanium, brilliant sporty blue metallic, modern steel metallic, carnelian red, crystal black pearl, taffeta white, and lunar silver metallic.

RS Siblings – An Overview:

While you may not like the polarizing looks on the Civic Type R and small trunk of the coupe variant, all the 2020 Civics offer superb handling and balanced ride.

The latest Civic also offers excellent fuel economy on all the variants except the Type R. The interiors of the hatchback and sedan are particularly very spacious. The refreshed and revamped Civic is available in three body styles, viz. the hatchback, the coupe, and the sedan.

Against an insignificant increase in the Honda Civic 2020 price in Pakistan, the users will benefit from several new additions, such as the Honda Sensing safety suite which comes standard on all the models. A Sport trim is available with both the coupe and sedan back variants.

Honda Civic 2020

Potential Competitors:

Like its predecessor 2018 model, the new 2020 Civic is not without rivals in the auto market. It is going to face tough competition from the rival brands, especially Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Mazda3, and Chevrolet Cruze.

Meanwhile, it won't be illogical to include Hyundai Elantra in the list of the key competitors of the Civic. Will the refreshed 2020 model fare better? For many auto industry gurus, the answer to this question would be “yes”.

In addition to revamped standards for safety, ride and handling, it offers relatively quick acceleration even with the base engine. The excellent fuel economy and spacious interior also contribute to making it a better option for the aspirants of a compact travelling companion.

Honda Civic RS Turbo 2020

Interior and Exterior:

With a refined and emboldened face, the new Civic 2020 model is a compact car that slots between the Accord (a midsize sedan) and the Fit (a small hatchback). The improvements can be witnessed in all the available body styles, i.e. hatchback, coupe and sedan.

Peeping into the interior, you will come across the features like 5-inch display (infotainment), keyless entry system, Bluetooth, cloth upholstery, and a rear-view camera which come standard on the vehicle.

The higher trims, on the other hand, carry some superior techs, like the large 7-inch display, LED headlights, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

If you go for the most expensive variants, they also offer the leather upholstery, built-in navigation system, USB ports, power-operated front seats and built-in heating mechanism for front and rear seats.

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About Power & Performance:

Expected to pose tough competition to its rival brands in the market, the re-engineered Civic is being offered against a justifiably high Honda Civic 2020 price in Pakistan.

A pack of power, the engine can deliver enough force for an energetic ride on the highways and other terrains. The 2.0L turbo-four machine of the Type R makes it the most powerful Civic. Supporting manual transmission system, it can generate over 300 horsepower of force.

The manufacturer claims that the 10th generation Civic has earned the title of the best-selling retail car in the US for three years in a row.


The new model brings certain cosmetic changes. For example, the large chrome accent on the centre grille around the front-end has now been replaced by the one painted black which renders it a much classier look.

Previously separated into three sections, the front air intakes have now been integrated into a single unit. All the variants, except the Sport trim, also get the twin chrome accents on both sides of the restructured air inlet.

Honda Civic RS Turbo 2020 Back Side View

Meanwhile, you will also come across the updated headlights, a full-width front splitter, and a chrome accent on the rear bumper of the vehicle. As such cosmetic changes are not that much significant, you may find it a bit difficult discerning between the two (2018 & 2020) models. However, the design language of the new 2020 RS Turbo Civic is more forceful than any of its siblings.

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