New Suzuki Alto Car Price In Pakistan and Pictures

Updated On: 18 Mar, 2023
Alto VX
Price Rs: 2,144,000
Alto VXR
Price Rs: 2,487,000
Price Rs: 2,665,000
Price Rs: 2,795,000

Suzuki Alto 2023 is an economical and practically efficient car for small families. It is a hatchback with five doors and a four cylinder engine. The 5-speed transmission system of the car accounts for a swift as well as smooth drive. Plus, a spacious interior is capable of accommodating passengers quite comfortably. Although Alto belongs to the category of small cars, it provides sufficient space for your family.

Glorious History

The history of Suzuki’s Alto goes back to 1979 when this practical car made its debut in the market. Since then, the vehicle has always been associated with affordability as well as fuel economy. Suzuki automobile manufacturers have done a commendable job in maintaining its reputation as a budget-friendly and fuel efficient vehicle through all of its generations. Suzuki Alto price has always been within the range of individuals with an average budget for buying a vehicle.

9th Generation Latest Model

Today, the nineth generation of this car is available internationally. The current model was introduced in 2018 and still continues with slight variations introduced every now and then. The latest version of the nineth generation model of Alto is for the year 2023.

No CNG Kit

Till last year, Alto was available in two versions – with and without CNG kits. However, the former option is no longer available in Pakistan due to the restrictions imposed on the marketing of CNG fitted cars in the country. Although it is a setback for drivers, as far as fuel costs are concerned, the car is going to perform better without CNG.

Decent Look

Alto has seen some modifications in the design for its new version, but it still remains a compact car with a roomy interior. The vehicle’s name can be found on the front grille above which lies the logo of Suzuki as you can see in the Suzuki Alto pictures. The car is available in multiple colors, giving buyers a delightful array of options to choose from. However, white remains the most common choice as it gives the car a decent look.

Price Factor

Currently, Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan is from seven to eight hundred thousand Pak rupees, approximately. The cost increases with new models due to the improved and added features. For instance, the vehicle with automatic transmission system, power windows and electric steering wheel costs higher for these luxuries.

Suzuki Alto Back Side View

Advanced Safety Measures

Apart from comfort, Suzuki manufacturers have also ensured the safety of passengers riding in the automobile. Air bags for the driver and passenger sitting in the front seat, anti-lock braking system and electronic brake distribution features are some of the ways through which the passengers can have a safe trip in the car. Moreover, the automatic version also has a central locking system which ensures the safety of children.

Comfort & Entertainment

With every new model of Suzuki Alto, manufacturers enhance the features for comfort and convenience. Factory fitted CD player, air conditioner and in-built cup and bottle holders are a few of the features in the interior of the car which add to the comfort of passengers during short and long journeys.

Suzuki Alto

Bottom Line

In 2023, Alto’s affordability, practicality and level of comfort remain just as good as they have always been for you and your family.