Updated On: 07 December, 2022
Price Rs. 1,499,000

A Word About FAW’s Success:

A global leader in the vehicle manufacturing, FAW Motors China is proud of its 50-year history of innovation. The acronym “FAW” stands for “First Automobile Works” – the name of the company at the time of its launch in 1953. Presently, it is known as China FAW Group Corporation. The company sells its products, including trucks, in as many as seventy countries of the world. FAW’s R&D facility is considered as the largest and most extensive automotive R&D facility in the country.

What’s Innovative in FAW V2?

The very first thing unique to this gorgeous car is that it comes as a pack of power, mileage, safety and space. So, you can call it the 4-in-one package. This is not the end –there is a plenty of innovative features both in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The vehicle runs on a powerful water cool engine that is furnished with the advanced Electronic Control Multipoint Fuel Injection System. At the same time, the safety of the passengers has been reinforced by dozens of sophisticated hardware components.

Incredibly Economical:

Another attractive thing for the potential buyers is that they need not worry about the FAW V2 price in Pakistan. As compared against the towering features of the vehicle, it happens to be incredibly low. You will not be wrong in calling it one of the most economical cars in Pakistan. It means even the individuals belonging to middle and lower middle economic stratum of the society can easily afford it without posing an extra burden on their financial capacity.

Safety & Space – Have It Together:

China FAW Group Corporation has built this economical and energetic car while focusing on the provision of cutting-edge safety apparatus. Just have a look at the Electronic Airbags both for driver and passenger. The efficient ABS + EBD brake system is furnished with the great feature of ‘failure warning’.

In case you are driving it on a bumpy road, the high rigidity body will absorb the energy and save you from any inconvenience or discomfort. The headrest is designed in such a manner as to provide protection against neck injury. Likewise, you will appreciate the provision of energy absorbing steering column, childproof locks on rear doors, four anti-bump girders in doors, anti-intrude brake pedal, and so on.

Bold & Sturdy Exterior:

Looking at the exterior of the car, boldness and sturdiness remind you of their presence at every nook and corner. The body colored front grill and raised roof make a considerable contribution to the impressive look of FAW V2. The streamlined and aerodynamic body design reduces the air friction and makes the vehicle run smoothly even in a storm.

On the exterior, the front and rear bumpers, and door handlesare colored the same as the body.This adds to the beauty of the vehicle. The chrome decorated cover renders shiny look to the exhaust pipe. What further contributes to the bold look of the car is the all-in-one headlamp and the all-in-one rear lamp.

FAW V2 Exterior View

Comfortable & Spacious Interior:

The interior of the car is so furnished and spacious that the passengers will enjoy maximum comfort even while going on a long and tiresome journey. With a bit raised roof, the passengers get the freedom to move their hands around. The woolen ceiling, on the other hand, is meant to protect from injuries in case the car turns turtle during an accident.

A special sound insulation cover on the engine makes the internal environment so calm and peaceful. For the convenience and comfort of the passengers, there are assist grips, storage box, cup holder, cigarette lighter, ashtray, anti-slip front seat, inner reading lamp, and so on.

The design of the vehicle also takes care of your luggage – all your luggage. In addition to the large trunk, the rear seat is foldable. If you fold the rear seat, it will add a significant space to the overall luggage accommodating capacity of the car. It means you can easily transport all the things from one place to another.

FAW V2 Black Color

Bottom Line:

The FAW V2 price in Pakistan seems very attractive especially when you see it against the powerful machine, chic exterior and luxurious furnishing of the interior. You can confidently call it a pack of power, mileage, space and safety.