New Suzuki Bolan Price

Updated On: 27 Dec, 2023
Suzuki Bolan
Price Rs. 1,940,000

Suzuki Bolan, more commonly known as Suzuki Carry in the international market, is used as the most common means of public transportation in the country. It is a 4-door van which is one of the least costly vehicles available to the general public. Therefore, Suzuki's Bolan serves as an excellent investment for transportation business.

Remodeled Version with Enhanced Specs

Bolan is assembled by Pak Suzuki Motors an affiliate of the main Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation. This van is a remodeled version of Suzuki Carry High Roof. It consists of a 3-cylinder, 796 cc engine which gives 37 horsepower thrust. Along with that, there is a four-speed manual transmission system. The maximum speed that can be reached by the vehicle is 120 km/hour.

Available Models

At present, two models of Bolan van are available, namely, VX and VXR. The latter is comparatively more comfortable and better equipped. It comes with air conditioner fitted by the manufacturers. Therefore, the interior of the VXR version of new Suzuki Bolan is more comfortable.

Easy Affordability

Suzuki Bolan price for the 2024 model is only around six-hundred thousand Pak rupees. Therefore, it is an easily affordable vehicle which brings many opportunities to the average Pakistanis for business.

Versatile Utility Vehicle

This van can commonly be seen on the roads in the form of ambulances. Moreover, private business owners also use it to provide pick and drop services to school and college students. On the other hand, the van performs the role of a taxi in different parts of the country, particularly in the Northern areas of Pakistan where tourists need a comfortable means of transport during their trip.

Appearance and Color Choice

Since it is a van which solely serves the purpose of public transportation, its manufacturers did not put a lot of effort into the design. This is one of the factors which make this vehicle budget-friendly. There is nothing elegant about the physical appearance of this van, but business owners will hardly be interested in how it looks. Cost is definitely more important for them. Nevertheless, Suzuki manufactures have still provided an option of three colors: white, red and silver. White is the more common choice, particularly for ambulances.

Fuel Options

The government's ban on the installation of CNG kits in vehicles has also affected Bolan. This can be seen in both a positive as well as a negative way. The positive impact of this restriction can be seen on the vehicle's performance. The engine runs better on petrol. On the other hand, the negative outcome affects business owners as they can no longer enjoy the budget economy of CNG fuel.

Suzuki Bolan

Reliability and Long Life

Being manufactured by Suzuki, this van gets high rating for reliability and long life. Moreover, low Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan as well as fuel efficiency make it the perfect vehicle for individuals who are unable to invest a large sum of money for their transportation business.

Bottom Line

With a turning radius of 4.1 meters and the maximum speed of 120 km/hour, the running of the car is not ideal. However, it is all you can get for such a low price amounting to only approximately six-hundred thousand Pak rupees. You can, however, opt for the VXR version if you desire more comfort.