New Audi Q8 Price in Pakistan

Updated On: 07 December, 2022
Audi Q8
Price Rs. 38,750,000

The long-awaited addition to the Audi line up – the Q8 – is finally here for you to know about it. Placed on the top of Q-series, it should logically be superior in specs as well as the price. And the Audis are already beyond the reach of an average consumer.

The Audi siblings are among the high-end car brands catering to the needs of elite class buyers. Marked by innovation in both style and performance, the Audis belong to two major series, A and Q. The A-series has 6 members from A3 through A8, while the Q-series happens to be a bit shorter with 5 members, i.e. Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8.

Audi Q8 Picture 2022

And here we’re talking about the most powerful Audi from the Q-family. It is one of the expensive Audis with top-end luxury and performance specs. Still,the Audi Q8 price in Pakistan 2021 seems to be a pigmy when you put it against that of R8, which perhaps is the most expensive vehicle from this elite car manufacturer.

While your Q8 has been priced at a little over 38 million rupees, the price tag attached to R8 reads whopping 94 million!

Just read on to discover what you get against those hard-earned 38 million rupees. Specs evaluation and comparison will let you know if the car is worth each penny you would spend on it.

Audi Q8 in Brief:

Introducing a new face of the Q-family, the Audi Q8 has provided a platform for the tradition to give space to and embrace innovation. It comes as a creatively engineered blend of a 4-door Coupe and a large SUV.

As you put your hand on the unmatched luxury, the incredible versatility of the vehicle steps in to add to your joy and confidence.

Its tech-enriched interior with comprehensive connectivity options and tough body paves the way for vehicle’s off-road utility. What further adds to its value as a confident business and leisure companion is its expressive design, sturdy frame, high-tech navigation, and the touch-powered operating concept.

Audi Q8 Interior

The Audi Interior:

The richly equipped, spacious, and the versatile interior is marked by clarity and coolness. It exudes digital precision and a practical amalgam of architecture and operation. The top MMI touch-powered display is probably the central element, which when switched off almost dissolves into a large, black surface.

The contour seats have been customized for 4-zone automatic air-conditioning, massage function, and ventilation. The elegant character and atmosphere of the interior gets a further boost from the air quality package.

What’s on Exterior?

Confidence, style, sophistication, and boldness are what defines your Q8’s exterior. Extreme elegance is an addition to them. Sloping elegantly, the roofline ends in gently inclined D-pillars and sits on the sturdy 22-inch wheels. The exterior has been designed to maximise the pleasure and power of a permanent all-wheel drive experience and enhance the off-road look.

The standard LED headlamps staring at from the bold anterior illuminate the road ahead for safe and comfortable driving. At the same time, you can also utilize the advanced HD Matrix LED technology, which is, however, being offered as an optional feature.

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Mind-Boggling Innovations:

Here’re just a few of the mind-blowing innovations that the Audi Q8 rightly boasts of:

App-Controlled Lighting: Using the myAudi app, you can control and activate various lighting functions of your elite four-wheeler. The app can be installed on your smartphone.

Multi-tyre Driver Assistance: The new Audi assists the driver in many situations, maximizing their control over the car and reinforcing the safety of the passengers. These systems include 360-degree cameras, curb warning, crossing assist, efficiency assist, adaptive cruise assist, and the lane change warning system. The central driver assistance controller is yet another beautiful addition to the list.

Several Cameras, Scanners & Sensors: The central drive assistance controller system of the Audi is specialized to manage other assistance systems. It collects data from multiple sources, including 6 cameras, five radar sensors, a laser scanner, and a dozen ultrasound sensors.

Audi Q8 Back Side Picture

Remote Garage Pilot: A cute innovation in the Q8, the remote garage pilot guides your SUV coupe into the garage and back out again autonomously. However, the pilot only works under the supervision of the driver.

Doesn’t the above-listed collection of innovations in your SUV coupe justify the Audi Q8 2021 price in Pakistan? And this is just a brief, rather over-precise, account of what the new Audi offers.