Newly Launched Toyota Hiace 2023 Price in Pakistan with Pictures

Updated On:21 Mar, 2023
Hiace Standard Roof (Diesel)
Price Rs 11,389,000/-
Hiace Standard Roof Dual AC (Diesel)
Price Rs 12,209,000/-
Hiace High Roof Dual AC (Diesel)
Price Rs 13,969,000/-
Hiace Standard roof dual AC (Gasoline)
Price Rs 11,459,000/-
Hiace Mid Roof Dual AC (Gasoline)
Price Rs 12,569,000/-

Toyota Hiace commuter is a compact transportation vehicle for fourteen passengers. The van is bigger, superior in quality and more elegant than Suzuki’s small and low cost Bolan. The former offers a far more comfortable interior and has a more sophisticated physical appearance. It is also more costly due to its better features.

The van consists of a DOHC cooled diesel engine and common rail fuel system. The engine consists of four cylinders, each of which in turn has four valves. There is also a gasoline version of the van with an engine displacement of 2,700 cc. The version running on diesel is slightly more powerful due to its higher engine displacement of 2,986 cc. The van's fuel tank can carry the maximum of 70 liters of fuel at a time.

The vehicle is available as a five speed manual transmission version as well as automatic version having only four gear options. Currently, there are four models on the market for the year 2018: standard, dual, high roof and standard roof. The last three models are available with in-built air conditioners for the interior. Moreover, Toyota Hiace price increases from the standard to the standard roof version. Overall, the cost ranges from 3 to 6.2 million Pak rupees.

It is a compact van, but is also bulky and heavy in weight. Its net weight is around three thousand kilograms along with one thousand and twenty kilograms of payload.

The advanced version of the van comes with top-notch features including power windows and hydraulic power steering wheel. Minor tweaks have resulted in a slight increase in the overall width of the vehicle. There are two doors at the front and a sliding door near the second row for the passengers. One more door is at the rear to give easy access to the back of the van. Other components of the exterior, including rear view mirrors, mudguards, laminated windshield, a viper for the rear window, headlamps and rear lights are all arranged very neatly and elegantly. Therefore, the overall design makes the van look quite handsome.

The dignified vehicle has an equally classy interior. The perfectly spaced seats and air conditioning create a desirable environment during long journeys. The van's ergonomics are also appreciable with a speed meter, brake fluid warning, key remainder warning and water temperature gauge. The dashboard acts as a small storage box with plenty of room for stuff like the vehicle’s registration documents and other small things you might need on your journey. A cigarette lighter and a small ash tray are also available at the front for the driver.

Toyota Hiace Connuter 2022 Exterior

Toyota Hiace for sale in Pakistan is seen very commonly. Mostly, private companies purchase the elegant van to offer transportation to their employees. The vehicle is a little too costly for most Pakistani transporters who prefer the more affordable Suzuki Bolan. However, by offering more seating space as compared to the latter, it becomes a more prudent choice in order to earn long term profits. Moreover, its level of comfort is also far more superior to the rather simple and ordinary Suzuki Bolan. Therefore, from the passengers’ point of view, it is a much more preferred choice and has the potential to take over the market completely in no time.

The van has been designed to perform well on different kinds of road conditions in the country. There are anti-skid brakes for all the four wheels to increase the safety during long and speedy journeys. Moreover, seat belts are also available to protect the passengers. The vehicle offers the durability and reliability which has been associated with its Japanese manufacturers for years.