Suzuki Ravi 2023 In Pakistan

Updated On: 18 Nov, 2022
Suzuki Ravi
Price Rs. 1,424,000

Suzuki Ravi is, practically, the most efficient pick up van for transportation business in the country. These compact transportation vehicles can be seen running across the highways very commonly. In 2018, Ravi continues to be the most popular choice among the businessmen for carrying goods.

Cost Economy & Fuel Efficiency

An amount slightly over half a million is a very affordable price for the 2018 model. Minor adjustments have brought pleasant improvements to the performance of Ravi pick up van. The latest EFi engine is more fuel efficient as well as environmental friendly. Therefore, along with a low Suzuki Ravi price in Pakistan, the fuel bills will also be reduced for all individuals who buy the 2018 version of the automobile.

800cc Engine

Similarly, the 800 cc engine of the van takes the credit for a smooth, steady and efficient performance as it enables the vehicle run at very fast speed without staggering a bit.

Compact & Easy-to-Drive Van

Being a compact van, it is preferred for carrying goods over the large trucks. The small size also enables the vehicle reach almost any destination quite easily. Plus, it is also lightweight and easy to drive. Any experienced driver will be able to control the pick-up van quite conveniently.

600 kg Load Capacity

With the load carrying capacity of 600 Kg, it is perfect for low to medium weight goods. The front cabin can accommodate two people. This means, there is a room for one more person alongside the driver.

Smooth and Safe Riding

The vehicle performs its function reliably with a solid suspension system and the drum brakes at the front as well as the rear. These features ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

Multiple Utility

Although Suzuki Ravi is primarily meant to serve as a cargo carrying van, the local transporters also turn it into a public transport vehicle by covering up the rear and fixing benches in it. The automobile has been serving this purpose very successfully for many previous years in the country.

Immediate Profit Generation

However, it has been providing good business opportunities to the Pakistani transporters as it costs low, but starts generating profit in no time.

No CNG Kit

Much to the dismay of all transporters, the locomotive is no longer available with CNG kits. However, running on petrol or diesel makes the engine perform comparatively better. Moreover, the new fuel efficient engine in the latest model cuts the fuel consumption, obviating the need for the inexpensive CNG fuel.

Suzuki Ravi

The Same Design

There have been no changes to ‘how the car looks’ in the 2017 version. This is mainly because the most common buyers are not much interested in the appearance of this vehicle. Suzuki Ravi price and performance are more important for the people who want to run their business through this handy van. Therefore, this year has brought the same old design with no facelifts.

Bottom Line

For you, there is an option with regard to the colors of the vehicle, i.e. white, red and silver. This is the only way of introducing a little variety to the range of Ravi vans available in the auto market.