Toyota Prius 2023 New Model in Pakistan

Updated On: 15 Nov, 2022
Toyota Prius 2022 Price In Pakistan
Price Rs.14,649,000

The Prius with Unrivalled Performance:

Toyota Prius is one of the favorite luxury vehicles in the country. The ergonomic designing and energetic styling are particularly very appealing. The safety and performance are also just above the par. The looks, both in the interior and exterior, are so sharp and confident. The Toyota Prius price in Pakistan is quite attractive. In return, the buyers will enjoy the amazing Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The powerful 1.8-liter gasoline engine makes use of the latest technologies. These technologies serve to provide incredible efficiency both for the highways and city roads. At the same time, the machine also complies with the strict emission regulation standards. The compact size and weight and higher output density contribute to an impressively dynamic performance.

Toyota Prius 2019

There is an integration of the Power Split Device with the engine, generator and motor. It ensures electrically controlled continuously variable transmission for superior performance. The compact and lightweight power control unit is there in the vehicle. It is capable of boosting the battery voltage to the whopping 600 volts!

Attractive Fuel Economy:

After hitting a record low in the decades, the fuel prices are again on the rise. So, high fuel efficiency is one of the most attractive features of a transport vehicle, especially a luxury car. The fuel economy also attracts because it makes the car less harmful to the environment. Therefore, the manufacturers of the new Toyota Prius 2018 model have taken special measures to make the car extremely fuel efficient.

Here follows the description of measure that the engineers of Prius have taken to decrease fuel consumption.

  • While starting or driving at a constant low or mid-range speed, your Prius makes use of the motor only. Battery provides enough amount of electricity to drive the motor instantly.
  • At normal driving, the car’s innovative systems come alive. They intelligently control the power output to optimize fuel efficiency.
  • In case of hard acceleration, the battery assists the normal driving by providing electricity. It adds to the driving power of the vehicle. Consequently, the uphill drive becomes so efficient.
  • At the time of deceleration, the motor assumes the role of a generator. The generator turns kinetic energy into electricity. This electricity charges the battery.
  • As you stop the car, the engine cuts out automatically. So, there is no unnecessary fuel consumption. Also there are no CO2 emissions that occur during idling.
Toyota Prius 2022 Exterior

4 Driving Modes with Easy Switching:

In the new Toyota Prius 2018, you can enjoy as many as four different driving modes. These are: Eco, Normal, Power and EV modes. So, you can switch to any of these modes just according to your driving style and the requirements. For example, if you want a sporty and energetic drive, the Power Mode will be most suitable for you. At the same time, it is very easy to switch across different driving modes. The ergonomically designed switches are present for this purpose.

Toyota Prius 2022 in Red Color

In short, the latest 2018 model of Prius comes with various significant improvements both for the interior and exterior. Also the performance is much better. With all this, the Toyota Prius 2018 price in Pakistan would seem to be even more attractive.

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