New Suzuki APV Pictures and Price In Pakistan

Updated On: 18 Nov, 2022
APV 1.5L
Price Rs. 6,290,000

Suzuki APV fills up an important niche in the automobile market of the postmodern age. A spacious van with a powerful engine and a desirably high comfort level is going to beat several other All Purpose Vehicles this year. The Japanese van emanates quality as well as luxury for the interested potential buyers.

Deluxe Public Transport

The van can be seen as a perfect vehicle for large families as well as for business investment. So, just keep it for your personal use or offer it as a deluxe public transportation option. The vehicle will fulfill both the purposes quite commendably.

Elegance with a Wave of Confidence

The Japanese van is practical with an adorable design. The vehicle has not been designed to intimidate the onlookers. Yet, it still possess a confident appearance with a giant body structure, a chrome grille at the front and crystal headlamps shining with elegance.

Decent & Bold Colors

As you can see in the Suzuki APV pictures, the buyers will have a delightful range of metallic colors to pick from. Go for solid white, grey or silver if you desire decency. On the other hand, pick navy blue, maroon or black as a bolder choice. There is also a pleasant “ocean blue” color available which imparts a unique character to the overall appearance of the van.

8-Passenger Seating Capacity

The massive body of the van measures 1,860 – 1,880 mm in height, 1,655 mm in width and slightly above 4,000 mm in length. This five door vehicle easily accommodates eight folks who are in for a gratifying experience through a comfortable and smooth ride.

SOHC 16-Valve Engine

The power which brings life to the vehicle comes from an SOHC, G15A engine with sixteen valves. Feel the energy when the engine gives its best with 67- 68 kW of maximum output at 6, 000 rmp. The maximum torque reaches up to 122 – 125 NM for every 3,000 rmp.

Fuel Economy

On the other hand, mult-point injection fuel distribution system imparts fuel economy to Suzuki APV in Pakistan. You can, therefore, glide across the roads of the country powerfully as well as efficiently.

Transmission and Suspension Systems

The gear options depend on the van’s five speed transmission system. On the other hand, the smoothness of the running vehicle depends on the quality of the front and rear suspension. At the front, McPherson strut and coil spring maintain the comfort of your ride while at the rear, rigid axle with leaf spring takes care of the gliding forward motion.

Extraordinary Interior

Suzuki APV price is justified for all the supreme components it comes with. Similarly, the interior is also worthy of spending a large amount of money on. Dual air conditioning maintains a cool temperature throughout the large van, ensuring that the rear passengers can beat the heat just as well as those sitting at the front. Moreover, the seats can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Pull them straight up or recline them backwards for more luxury. In case you are travelling with less than 8 passengers, the empty seats can be folded to create more room in the van for your luggage.

Suzuki APV

Great Entertainment Options

Enjoy the drive with a remarkable sound system and CD player which has compatibility with Mp3 format. Moreover, the USB and AUX ports give you more options to hook up your portable Mp3 players or cell phones for having fun with your own personal music libraries stored in your gadgets.

Price Factor

In 2017, Suzuki APV price in Pakistan is slightly more than two million. Seems too costly? You will definitely think differently once you personally experience a pleasurable ride in this elegant Japanese Suzuki APV Van.