New Suzuki Cargo Van In Pakistan

Updated On: 18 Mar, 2023
Suzuki Cargo Van
Price Rs. 1,852,000

One of the most commonly seen vehicles in Pakistan is the Suzuki Cargo Van. Public transportation in the country relies, to a great extent, on the affordable and reliable vehicles manufactured by Suzuki. Apart from the Cargo Van, Ravi is another popular brand by the same firm providing services for both cargo as well as public transport.

Versatile Utility Options

The Cargo Van, as the name implies, has been manufactured for the primary purpose of the transportation of goods. However, Pakistani transporters have also been using it as means of general and private public transport. Suzuki Cargo Van 2018 also serves as a school van for carrying children quite commonly. Several offices also provide transport facility to their employees by buying their own automobile. This vehicle can be turned from a Cargo Van into a public transport facility by fixing seats at the back. In this way, it has been providing a very affordable means of transport to the general public.

Load Carrying Capacity

From the factory, the vehicle comes with only two seats in the front and a rear cabin for accommodating goods. The maximum load carrying capacity is measured up to 550 kg. This makes it an ideal means of transport for small consignments. Moreover, this compact vehicle can easily find its way through narrow streets and congested roads, which is very difficult and time consuming for large trucks.

Front and Rear Cabins

The front seats provide room for the driver along with one more passenger. The extra passenger can serve as the driver’s assistant for loading and unloading goods instead of putting the entire burden on the driver alone. So, while the driver concentrates on running the vehicle, their aide is there to worry about the goods in the rear cabin. It is this cabin where seats can be fixed to turn it into a public transport van.

Affordability Factor

The reasons that make this vehicle an extremely popular transport option include its compact form, average load carrying capacity and a rear cabin which can be customized for personal gains. Other than these factors, Suzuki Cargo Van price is also a significant reason contributing towards the popularity of the vehicle. It costs only a little more than Suzuki Ravi Pick Up. Therefore, Suzuki's Cargo Van is an extremely affordable option for all individuals who are running the transport business in Pakistan.

Fuel Efficiency

Although it is an ordinary van, in terms of performance and output, the new fuel efficient engine raises its value to a considerable extent. It is a 4 stroke engine which is water cooled. This fuel efficiency is rendered by the technology of EFI (i.e. Electronic Fuel Injection). In this way, the Cargo Van does not put extra burden on your fuel budget. Moreover, the vehicle is also less harmful for the natural environment.

Sophisticated Look

The external design remains unchanged in the year 2017, but it looks more sophisticated than that of Ravi as it can be witnessed in the Suzuki Cargo Van pictures. However, there is only one color option at the moment: solid white. Suzuki Ravi, on the other hand, offers a little more variety of colors.

5-Speed Manual Transmission

The basic specifications of the Cargo Van include a 5-speed transmission system with four forward and one reverse gear. In order to keep the Suzuki Cargo Van price in Pakistan low, no automatic version has been introduced. It is a simple transport van which does not incorporate the luxuries of a fanciful interior or automatic transmission.

Safety Features

The safety features are also very basic with seat belts, but no air bags. However, a partition grille between the front seats and the cargo cabin has been conveniently positioned for the safety of the goods.

Suzuki Cargo Van

36-Liter Fuel Tank Capacity

A fuel tank with a capacity of 36 liter makes the cargo van appropriate for longer journeys. Moreover, since the EFI engine is fuel efficient, the fuel expenditure is further decreased.

Bottom Line

The specifications of Suzuki’s Cargo Van are quite ordinary, but the vehicle still remains a common transport option in the year 2018. This simple, but affordable vehicle is one of the best companions for the businessmen in the country who deal with the transportation of goods and passengers.