Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Corolla XLi 2017
Price Rs. 1,659,000

The latest Toyota Corolla XLi, one of the two popular versions of Toyota Corolla, is now out in the market, remodeled for the year 2017. It costs slightly less than its sibling, Toyota Corolla GLi. However, as far as the performance and other features are concerned, Xli is no less than the GLi version.

Basic Features

Corolla XLi belongs to the Sedan family with four doors and seating space for five. The color range for the model of 2017 includes sophisticated black, white, and dark blue. Although this color range is pretty limited, these are the most popular colors which the majority of the buyers opt for. Moreover, these three colors compliment the elegance of XLi.

Toyota Corolla XLi 2018

The features for safety and comfort in the car make it appropriate for family. Short and long journeys can be covered efficiently with VVT-I electronic fuel system. Moreover, the vehicle's 2NZ-FE gives it the power you need for all your smooth and rough journeys.


Toyota Corolla XLi price is around fifteen-hundred thousand rupees. With this price, the 2017 model stands as one of the most affordable family vehicles in the country. The reliability, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort of the car make it completely worth its reasonable price.

Style and Design

Every model of Toyota Corolla has always been attractive with a decent design for the exterior as well as interior. Following the same pattern, the 2017 version has also been designed as a decent and stylish car.

The new front grill design and the stylish headlamps are two of the most prominent modifications in the 2017 model of the luxury vehicle. The rest of the design is almost the same as that of its predecessor. The interior has not passed through any significant changes either. The car’s capacity for passengers and luggage remains the same. Moreover, the car offers the same comfort level provided by its preceding versions.


The 5-speed transmission system of Toyota Corolla XLi accompanied by an engine with 16 valves is the logic behind its pleasantly smooth driving experience. Moreover, since it is a fuel efficient car, you will enjoy the fuel economy along with a praiseworthy performance.

Toyota Corolla Xli Back Side View


Luxury always adds to the comfort levels of a vehicle. Corolla XLi is no exception. It is completely capable of making passengers feel as comfortable as possible through several luxury features.

To begin with, the bucket seats in this spacious car provide room for five people who can sit comfortably even during long journeys. You will never feel bored no matter how long your road trip is as there are plenty of the sources of entertainment available to you right inside the car. For instance, Stereo CD player, optional LCD and internal temperature control system are just a few of the features which add to your luxury and comfort.


Efficiency, luxury, safety and a commendable performance are all offered by this version of Toyota Corolla 2017. Furthermore, a reasonable Toyota GLi price in the country raises its demand even more. With few modifications, the latest model offers you all you need from an economical family car.