Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan with Pictures of This Hatchback

Updated On: 18 Mar, 2023
Cultus VXR
Price PKR 3,540,000/-
Cultus VXL
Price PKR 3,889,000/-
Cultus AGS
Price PKR 4,157,000/-

Suzuki Cultus is categorized as a compact family car with an affordable price. This five door hatchback has reached its third generation in the international market and is available with different names in different regions of the world. It is known as Suzuki Swift in Europe and North America; as Maruti Suzuki Esteem in India; as Holden Barina in Australia and has several other names and versions in some other countries of the world. In Pakistan and Japan, this vehicle is called Cultus and is available in the form of a hatchback with five doors.

Suzuki cultus 2019

Economy with Outstanding Features

Keeping the Cultus 2016 price within an affordable range, Suzuki automobile manufacturers have ensured that it becomes one of the top selling cars in the country. Buyers feel more attracted to this vehicle not only due to its low cost, but also due to the quality of all the features which contribute towards its high ranking as a family car. It is for this reason that Suzuki’s Cultus can be seen as one of the most common cars being driven around on the roads of Pakistan.

1000cc, 4-Cylinder, EFi Engine

The 1000 cc engine of this vehicle runs with Electronic Fuel Injected System. It is a 4-cylinder machine which is capable of giving above-average performance. The engine performs even better in the recently manufactured Cultus for the year 2013 as no more CNG fitted cars are being produced in Pakistan. The car, therefore, runs seamlessly on petrol.

40-Liter Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank has a capacity for accommodating 40 liters of fuel. This means you can fill up the tank once and go on long journeys without worrying about frequent refills. Moreover, since Cultus consumes fuel efficiently, your fuel expenditure is further cut down.

Entertaining and Comfortable Interior

If you take a look at the Cultus pictures, you will see that all basic features for comfort and entertainment are available. Factory fitted heaters, air conditioners and CD players give you luxury along with comfort. Furthermore, your safety has also been taken care of with some basic safety features including childproof locks for the rear doors.

Supreme Quality

Suzuki manufacturers have used the best components in the production of this quality vehicle. Moreover, the use of ingenious technology has resulted in the supreme quality which emanates from Suzuki Cultus.

Suzuki Cultus 2018

Decent Shades

Although the design of the car is rather simple, the availability of different shades adds variety to the market. Those who desire decency and sophistication can go for toned down colors like white and grey. On the other hand, individuals seeking a break from the conventional colors can chose a brighter and more unique shade as these can be views in the Suzuki Cultus pictures.

Price Factor

The Suzuki Cultus price in Pakistan is slightly above a million rupees. This makes it a little more costly than Suzuki Alto which is also a popular hatchback vehicle for families. On the other hand, Cultus does offer you the value for money in the form of an appreciable family car.

Suzuki Cultus Back Side View

Bottom Line

Security features, smooth running, high comfort, fuel economy, and a spacious interior are a few of the best features making Suzuki’s Cultus popular among Pakistani buyers.