Updated On: 11 Dec, 2018
Honda Accord 2017 Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 12,250,000

Accord—Getting You in Accord with Long Journey:

The new Honda Accord 2017 is going to bring you in complete accord with journey. You’ll enjoy long, tumultuous and tiresome journeys. Right from seating to the engine performance, everything is great. They are there to maximize comfort, convenience and luxury. The soft, decent-looking seats are leather-trimmed with red stitching.

A special sports edition of the car is also available. Meanwhile, the exclusive San Marine red paint makes it stand out from the crowd. Looking at performance, it is as fuel efficient as powerful. The machine generates 212 horse power of force. Meanwhile, it can cover incredible 49 miles with a single gallon of fuel! With all these touches and tweaks, you will find the car in complete accord with your long journeys.

2017 Accord – the Latest Evolution:

Accord, from the house of Honda, enjoys the distinction of being on the Car and Driver’s “10 Best” list. It was listed there for as many as thirty times. This is particularly because of its innovative technology and sharp designing standards. In fact, the incredibly attractive design and inspiring performance take it beyond the stature of a luxury car. And, it won’t be wrong to call it a legend with a legacy.

The Honda Accord 2017 model is the latest evolution. Here the buyers will get all the comfort and sophistication they expect from the all-lovely Accord. Precisely, in the new model, the sophistication reaches perfection.

Honda Accord 2017 – Combo of Style, Safety & Performance:

In the wake of fatal accidents, the motorists are seriously concerned about their safety on the road. In fact, the safety of passengers is as important as the luxury and performance of a vehicle. That is why the manufacturers have put special focus in this aspect of the car. They have greatly enhanced the safety of the car.

For example, there is an advanced Lane Keeping Assist System. As the vehicles strays from the center of the detected lane without using signal, this system comes to action. It automatically adjusts the steering and brings the car back to the middle of the lane.

The second important safety feature is that of the Adaptive Cruise Control. It comes to action as you reach a vehicle ahead at an unsafe distance. Surprisingly, the speed of your car is automatically reduced. So, you don’t need to do so manually.

Honda Accord 2017 Electric Sunroof

Here is yet another amazing safety system – the Collision Mitigation Braking System! Firstly, it detects an unavoidable collision with a vehicle ahead. Afterwards, this innovative braking system helps you bring the vehicle to a stop. At the same time, there is the Road Departure Mitigation System. This system uses a camera to prevent the car from leaving the road.

Like the style and safety measures, the performance of the latest Honda Accord 2017 is simply outstanding. It is, actually, a pack of the incredibly efficient features. Right from the Honda Sensing to the Remote Engine Start system, everything feature will help you make the most of every drive.

Honda Accord 2017 Front Fog Light

Honda Accord 2017 Price in Pakistan:

Against all these mind-blogging tech specs, you must expect a reasonably high Honda Accord 2017 price in Pakistan. However, the car is worth every penny your will spend for it.

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