Updated On: 24 October, 2019
Toyota FORTUNER (4X4 Hi) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 8,649,000
Toyota FORTUNER (4X2 Hi) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 7,999,000

Surprisingly, despite being more powerful than Camry, the Fortuner costs just around half as much as its sibling. While Camry’s piston displacement measures around 2487 cc, the Fortuner’s 4x4 Hi variant has the engine capacity of 2755 cc. If this be the case, what makes Camry earn the title of the costliest Toyota car in Pakistan? It is just about being more tech-enriched and better equipped to conquer and command the terrain. Here Camry’s hybrid technology is particularly notable.

Toyota Fortuner 2018

Let’s put the specs against Toyota Fortuner 2019 price in Pakistan and evaluate its worth.

Specs in Brief:

Currently in its second generation, the Fortuner is a 5-door, mid-size SUV with the seating capacity for seven persons. Its powerful 1GD engine can generate the force of up to 174 hp @ 3400 revolutions per minute.

Two variants of the sports utility vehicle are currently available in the country, that is, the standard 2.7 L VVT-imodel and the upper-end 2.8 L Sigma 4 Fortuner. The 2.7 L variant offers 2-wheel drive while the 2.8 L model supports 4-wheel drive mechanism. So, the latter happens to be more powerful and fit for taking on mountainous terrains. Corresponding to the specs standards, the Toyota Fortuner 2019 varies significantly across models, i.e. there is the gap of around four lac rupees.

The 7-seater measures 4795 mm, 1855 mm, and 1835 mm along the dimensions of length, width and height. Looking at the wheelbase and ground clearance, they are 2750 mm and 279 mm, respectively. Against the gross weight of 2735 kg, the curb weight is 2095 kg. The 2.7 L Fortuner runs on petrol, and the 2.8 L variant requires Diesel for its fuel. Meanwhile, its fuel tank is spacious enough to accommodate up to 80 liters of petrol/diesel.

Its gearbox is powered by the 6-speed sequential, automatic transmission technology with paddle shifter. Despite having such a big stature, the minimum turning radius of Fortuner is around 6.2 meter. The safety system of the vehicle is also above the par.

The Fortuner can acquire the top speed of 200 kilometers per hour.


When you talk about Fortuner’s exterior, the first notable thing is its grand stature, exhibiting an attitude to take on extreme challenges of the road and environment. Leaving a classy impression on the minds of the viewers, the exterior has a detailed framework that represents modernity with power.

Toyota Fortuner 2018

Lamps & Lights:

The headlamps and the LED fog lamps are sharp enough to render alluring intensity. The bi-beam LED projection lamps not only ignite the path before you but also illuminate an aura of futuristic power. Meanwhile, the front exuberates a hi-tech appearance. In addition to the conventional lamps, the welcome lamp (fitted on the side mirror) anddoor courtesy lamp have also been installed.

18” Aluminum Wheels:

The sturdy 18” aluminum wheels have been made for rough terrains and city driving. They possess intricately designed spokes with a thick look which imbues the vehicle’s rigid personality.

Rear Power:

The power backdoor on the rear operates smoothly to assure the ease of accessibility. You can operate it with the help of ‘power backdoor button’.

Shades Variants:

The new 2019 Fortuner is available in as many as 7 body shades, each exhibiting an advanced level of decency and sophistication. So, corresponding to their personal liking, the potential buyers can choose from super white, attitude black, silver metallic, graphite, bronze mica, strong blue, and phantom brown. Other notable features on the exterior include smart entry remote, smart door handle, shark fin antenna, silver side step, and so on.


Abounding in space and luxury, the interior exudes an air richness with high practicality. After getting seated in the driver’s seat, you can rev up the engine with a smart engine start button. Next comes the 4.2-inch multi information display. Placed near to it is the 8” infotainment display which not only provides useful information but also entertainment.

With dual zone auto air conditioning, the travelers on the front and rear seats get the facility to adjust temperature according to their own taste and temperament. The steering wheel supports the tilt and telescopic functionalities.

Meanwhile,the illuminated controls, smart connectors, vanity lamp with mirror and lid, and superior leather upholstery are some of the other praiseworthy specs on the interior of the SUV – all against the justifiably high Toyota Fortuner 2019 price in Pakistan.

Safety Systems:

There are multiple safety systems integrated into the SUV, like the dual SRS airbags, vehicle stability control, ABS (Anti-Braking System), EBS with emergency brake signal, and hill-assist control.Working in a coordinated manner, they protect the occupants in the unwanted events of accidents.