2023 Toyota Hilux For Sale Price in Pakistan and Pictures

Updated On: 21 Mar, 2023
Hilux E
Price Rs 11,439,000

Toyota Hilux – one gigantic monster of the automobile world – has come roaring down the roads in 2018 just as elegantly as its previous six generations. With this gusty pickup truck, adventurous journeys are inevitable. Take full advantage of its outstanding performance along with a gorgeous interior for your thrilling trips around the country.

With 2494 cc engine displacement, the power of the vehicle is undoubtedly magnanimous. It has a 2KD-FTV engine and several advanced features which bless the vehicle with a superb performance. Therefore, the pickup truck which looks so bold and intimidating from the outside, also manages to generate the output which is expected from this giant. It is no wonder that the Toyota Hilux price is just as extravagant as the vehicle itself.

The automobile stands tall and wide having dimensions of 5255 x 1835 x 1810 mm. Driving this huge vehicle is, therefore, not an easy feat. Those who have always been used to smaller cars, such as hatchbacks and sedans, might find this pickup truck to be a little out of their league. However, experienced drivers will face no problems while handling the vehicle. The hydraulic power steering adds to the ease of driving with its responsive nature and flexibility.

The four-door cabin accommodates three folks on the rear seats and there is a room for two at the front. While your luggage rests at the back, you can enjoy a thoroughly mind-blowing journey sitting inside the luxurious cabin. Apart from the driver, even the passengers can feel the full energy the vehicle rushes forward with. Moreover, the luxuries of the interior also give a refreshing experience: comfortable seats, enough leg space, media entertainment and air conditioning.

Your journeys will not be limited to the smooth roads of the country. In fact, Toyota Hilux is a vehicle which is meant to be exposed to a more rugged terrain. So, satisfy all your wild fantasies and embark on an expedition to any part of Pakistan regardless of the condition of the land you are going to travel on.

Going to far-off areas will never be a trouble as the huge fuel tank of the pickup takes care of your fuel needs. A substantial capacity of 76 liters will be more than enough to quench the thirst of this beast without the requirement of refills every now and then. So, turn up the volume of the music player, raise the bar on the speedometer and enjoy moving on without having to stop at fuel stations frequently.

Toyota Hilux E Exterior

The onlookers are left just as mesmerized as those sitting inside who are bewitched at each one of their trips. The pickup truck makes quite a bold statement with its aggressive looks. As the vehicle approaches nearer to you, the unique front grille becomes more visible. It adds greatly to the intimidating appearance of the rest of the body. The large headlamps and rear lights compliment the big size of the pickup. The 2018 version of the vehicle comes only in 8 sophisticated metallic colors to choose from.

Toyota Hilux E Exterior

Of course, the Toyota Hilux price for this latest glorious version is beyond what an average person can afford. However, this Japanese pickup truck brings all car lovers what they have always dreamed of in terms of looks, power and grandeur.