Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Honda CR-V 2018 Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 10,700,000

Initially launched around 23 years back in 1995, CR-V 2018 is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the world famous Japanese automobile tech giant, Honda. The 2018 model has been ranked as the second-best car in the compact SUVs segment.The evaluation of over two dozen pieces of research and data elements suggests the score of 8.9 out of 10 for the latest CR-V. Meanwhile, it is also the second best in the segments of SUVs with Two Rows and Crossover SUVs. Honda CRV 2018 review will provide you useful info about the vehicle.

The CR-V is also attached with two winning tags. It is the best compact SUV 2018 for the money and best compact SUV 2018 for families. It is the well-balanced everyday performance of the CR-V 2018 that vaults it toward the top car rankings. In addition to boasting of a high-quality Honda CRV 2018 interior, it is known for high safety score and a spacious room both for the passengers and cargo.

CR-V SUV Pros and Cons:

Some of the prominent plus points of the new Honda CR-V 2018 include high quality cabin, good crash test scores, supple riding experience and cavernous cargo area. On the negative side, it has few standard features and there are no significant additions in the latest 2018 model. Honda CRV 2018 price may also seem to be one of its cons but it cannot be justified.

Prominent Specs:

Among the prominent Honda CRV 2018 features and specs, it has seating capacity for five passengers, FWD/AWD Drivetrain and mileage of 25 to 28 for city and 31 to 34 for highway. Meanwhile, it ultra-efficient engine can produce the force of up to 190 horsepower.

Critical Evaluation:

Talking of design, it seems to be one year removed from the full redesign that the manufacturer nailed. There is an optional turbocharged engine which can provide good power for all the daily needs of your family. The soft ride quality of the four-wheeler hits the mark for comfort. Inside the compact crossover, you will come across plenty of utility. Though there are a few standard features in the preset model, it has ample space for seating and class-leading cargo volume.

Honda CR-V 2018 Latest Model Picture

Honda CR-V vs Toyota Fortuner:

Honda has a history of acceptance, demand and applause in the country. It is still considered the most trusted and reliable brand of two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the country. That is why a car from Honda is considered superior to its competitor with the same specs standards. The same phenomenon can be observed while making comparison of the Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner . Though carrying relatively lower specs standards, the Honda’s CR-V costs significantly more than that of its rival Fortuner from Toyota.

Honda CR-V 2018 price in Pakistan is around 95 lac rupees and the Toyota Fortuner 2018 price in Pakistan is 62 lac rupees. You can observe a big gap in prices.Though both the cars are equipped with the 4-cylinder technology, they vary significantly in displacement with CR-V’s engine capacity being just 1997cc against the whopping 2755cc capacity of the Fortuner. Quite logically, the CR-V can produce the power of only 154 bhp at 6500 revolutions per minute while Fortuner is capable of generating 175 bhp at 3400 revolutions per minute (rpm). On the other hand, the torque is 190 Nm at 4300 rpm and 450 Nm at 1600 – 2400 rpm for CR-V and Fortuner, respectively.

Summing up, the Honda CR-V 2018 is one of the best compact SUVs with a pack of family-friendly features rare to be found elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a car with accelerated performance that can face everyday hurdles with renewed confidence, the Fortuner should be your first choice as it is also being offered against a reasonable price.