Updated On: 24 October, 2019
Mehran Price in Pakistan (VX Immobilizer Model)
Price Rs. 839,000
Mehran Price in Pakistan (VXR Immobilizer Model)
Price Rs. 923,000
Mehran Price in Pakistan (VX Limited Edition)
Price Rs. 846,000

Suzuki’s Splendid Sedan:

Suzuki Mehran is currently the most affordable family car in the country. Pak Suzuki Motors Company is responsible for the manufacture and assembly of this vehicle in Pakistan. The car was introduced in the market for the first time in 1989. Over a period of these twenty-four years, the specifications of Mehran remain almost the same. So, you do not see much modification in the vehicle in 2018.

4-Stroke Engine

Mehran has a four stroke cycle engine which is water cooled. The power generated by this machine is fairly enough for providing the passengers with a smooth and pleasant riding experience.

Commendable Speed and Safety

The maximum speed which can be attained by a driver in this car is 130 km/h. This is more than enough for family journeys to enjoy a fast ride and stay within a safe speed limit at the same time. The transition from zero to 60 km/hour takes only 13 seconds which is commendable for a small car with an average engine.

Price Factor

Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is within a range of approximately five to six hundred thousand rupees. Even though, there is nothing luxuriant about this extremely simple vehicle, its affordability is the main factor which contributes towards its popularity. Even a middle-class citizen can make their dream of possessing a personal vehicle come true by purchasing this small vehicle with enhanced Suzuki Mehran features.

Extended Mileage

Mehran offers 18 KM highway mileage and 16 KM city mileage. With a fully synchromesh manual transmission system, the car runs pretty smoothly even on the rough roads of the country.

5-Gear Transmission

The car has 5 gears, 4 for forward drive and 1 for reverse. Therefore, you can drive up to four levels of speed. However, Mehran is not available with an automatic transmission system as that will raise the cost of the car.

Available Versions

At present, Suzuki's Mehran is available with two versions: Mehran VX Eruo II and Mehran VXR Euro II. The latter is the more expensive model of Mehran with a price of slightly over half a million. On the other hand, the VX Euro II model costs less than its sibling. This difference in price is because of the added features found in the VXR version.


Suzuki's Mehran is manufactured with a hatchback body type. It is a small vehicle which measures 129.9 inches in length with a width and height of 55.3 inches and 55.5 inches, respectively. The wheelbase is 85.6 inches in diameter while the car's turning radius is up to 4.4 meters. In order to learn more about the outward outlook, you are hereby advised to just have a glance at the Suzuki Mehran pictures that are available all over the internet.

Suzuki Mehran

Basic Interior

The interior is not as spacious as other hatchbacks by Suzuki, such as Alto and Cultus. Mehran is a car which is manufactured with a small budget. It is due to this reason that nothing more than basic features should be expected from this small and low cost car.

Bottom Line

As the car remains unmodified for over a period of 24 years, some buyers consider it to be outdated and unattractive among other advanced vehicles in the market today. On the other hand, Suzuki Mehran price still makes it popular in the eyes of a number of potential buyers who are seeking a reliable vehicle to fulfill their transportation needs.