2023 Honda CR-V Price and Pictures of Pakistan Model

Updated On: 11 Nov, 2022
Honda CR-V
Price Rs. 10,700,000

Honda CR-V is another name for splendor and extravagance. The Japanese manufacturers of this SUV have incorporated the best of every feature to bring a vehicle to the market which is not only comfortable and immensely luxurious, but also environment-friendly.

Latest Accomplishments

The 2023 model of Honda CRV Pakistan is packed with appealing features to boost your safety and comfort as well as bring immense pleasure, so that you get value in exchange for the huge sum of money you will be spending on it. The innovative technology is also behind the uniqueness of this superb SUV.

Eye-catching Exterior

Of course, the grandeur of a vehicle makes the viewers impressed right after the very first glance at the exterior. CR-V has a confident look mixed with elegance to give rise to a completely majestic appearance.

The front grille is also bold along with a stylish bumper and a set of dashing headlights. Another prominent feature of the exterior is the car's alloy wheels which are 17 inches in size.

Honda CR-V

8 Brilliant Colors

There is a range of eight colors for CR-V, each of which complements the bold look of the post modern automobile. Moreover, its strong metal body does not only impart durability, but also adds to the beauty and ostentatious appearance of the SUV.

Honda CR-V 2018

Luxurious Interior

Honda's CR-V is a vehicle which does not just look magnificent on the outside, but is also equally luxurious from the inside. The supreme quality seats, leg space and added features for entertainment during a journey create an atmosphere of absolute comfort inside the car. After paying the Honda CRV price, you truly deserve these luxurious and outstanding features.

Intelligent Multi-Information Display

One of the most remarkable features of Honda CRV is the Intelligent Multi-Information Display. This single display helps you control multiple functions in the following ways.

  • It displays all the information related to your driving and journey.
  • The current song being played can be visualized on the screen. You are also able to control the radio, your iPod and Pandora.
  • Honda's satellite navigation system gives you directions through this i-MID display.
  • The i-MID can also be personalized by uploading your own wallpaper or photos.

Satellite Navigation

However, some of the most luxurious features are only available for the international market. For instance, the satellite navigation system of Honda is only available in the EX-L versions of CR-V in the US, Puerto Rico and Canadian markets.

Honda CR-V in Opal Sage Red Color

Fuel Efficiency and Environment Friendliness

Also found in the car's interior, there is an ECON button. If you turn it on, your vehicle will be switched to ultra-low emission mode. In this mode, the vehicle reaches optimum fuel efficiency as all its systems are adjusted automatically to support this feature. In this way, the CRV becomes an environmental-friendly vehicle.

In case, you want to return back to the normal mode, you just need to press the button again to turn off the ECON feature.

Bottom Line

Honda's CR-V not only gives you comfort, but also ensures your safety through the latest features, like VSA traction control, air bags, anti-lock brake system and an ACE structure of the body. This is a truly luxurious vehicle. That is why its price is quite high. However, at this price, you will get true value, keeping you satisfied.