Updated On: 27 January, 2020
Honda HR-V 2020 Price
Price Rs. 4,799,000

Offering peace of mind on the road, the latest 2020 Honda HRV boasts a smarter and spacious interior while itexudes an air of sleekness and sportiness from the exterior. A sibling of the 7-seater BRV, the HRV is an international variant of Vezel, another compact crossover from the same Japanese automaker, Honda.

Do you know that the abbreviation HRV stands for? It stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle. Here it is also noteworthy that the international second generation of the car was launched as the first generation Honda HR-V by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited, an affiliate of the Honda Japan.

Secondly, while the HRV is available in three variants of EL, E, and S in the international market, only one trim has been offered in Pakistan so far.

HRV vs BRV vs Vezel:

Honda’s BRV, Vezel and HRV all three brands come with the same engine capacity, i.e. 1500 cc. Though a competitor of BRV in the market, the HRV is closer to Vezel, particularly in terms of price and the seating capacity. While BRV is a 7-seater vehicle, the other two offer seating for five persons only.

Despite being more spacious and offering the same engine specs, the BRV is significantly more economical than its other two siblings. While Honda HRV 2020 price in Pakistan is nearly half a crore, you can get a BRV for even less than 50% of that amount! Though it might sound unbelievable, but that’s the reality.

And the BRV does not ask for any big compromises. That is, the furnishing in the interior and styles on the exterior are of the premier class. Then, you might wonder, what accounts for the significantly higher Honda HRV 2020 price in Pakistan? Obviously, these are the additional, superior-end tech specs and sophistication that make the car so difficult to afford for the lower middleclass buyers.

Comparing the HRV 2020 with its relative Vezel, the former is almost identical to the latter except for some minor cosmetic differences appearing in the exterior and the tech provisions. For example, HRV’s front grille is different from that of Vezeland also lacks the hybrid technology.

HRV Physical Facts:

Fitted inside the ultra-high strength steel body, you will find a powerful 1.5 L (1500 cc) machine that is capable of giving the power output of 118 hp at 6600 revolutions per minute. Accommodating 5 seats for the passengers, the interior also offers a big room from your cargo, i.e. the boot space measures whopping 470 L!

Exterior & Interior:

Looking elegantly sporty from the outside, the all new HRV offers a creative blend of comfort and luxury, reinforced by the thrill of an SUV. With its finest leather, fabric and advanced connectivity options, the 5-seater has been luxuriously tailored for a perfect driver and passenger-friendly environment. There is also a new push-button based hand brake system which contributes to both convenience and comfort.

Other notable features of the interior include the utility ports,cupholder, and 60:40 ultra foldable seats. This ultra-folding of the seats allows for creation of a huge room for luggage as and when needed. Moreover, as you sit on the driving seat, there are multiple functions and facilities awaiting you to give you the freedom of choice you need.

Turning to exterior, it is almost as fascinating as the inside of the car.In addition to its impressive stature, you will come across the features like electronically adjustable mirrors, elegantly designed front lights, stylish hidden rear door handle, chrome door handle, shark fin antenna, rear alloy rim, stylish front grille, and so on.

Honda HR-V Side View

HRV’s Worth:

Honda HRV 2020 price in Pakistan is around half a crore rupees. But can this price be justified when put against its competitors? The Honda cars are known for offering high-end specs against an affordable price. It is especially the extreme level of luxury, power and performance that makes its price seem reasonable.You will especially appreciate the generous power output, electronic power steering, electronically adjustable mirrors, and the ultra-foldable seats.