Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car Price

Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Honda CR-Z Automatic Price
Price Rs: 3,419,000
Honda CR-Z Automatic Pearl/Metallic Color Price
Price Rs: 3,499,000

Honda CRZ is one of the classiest and most efficient vehicles of the year. The sporty sedan provides economy through its hybrid power-train. It houses a 1.5L four cylinder, sixteen valve engine which uses SOHC technology along with intelligent Variable Valve Trimming and Lift Electronic Control. The engine's overall displacement is 1,496 cc with a compression ratio of 10.4. When combined with the electric motor, 130 horsepower is generated at 6,000 rmp along with a torque equaling 140 pounds-feet.

Other than an appreciable performance and fuel economy, Honda CR-Z provides you with much more elegance, comfort, technology and safety. No wonder, the Honda CRZ price falls towards the higher end of the scale. However, the vehicle is going to be a prudent investment for its buyers.

Impressive Improvements

This nameplate was first introduced a few years back in 2010. The manufacturers have been adding improvements to the newer models since then. With an increase in Honda CR-Z price every year, the features keep on getting better and more impressive. For the upcoming model, the most noticeable improvement is related to the output of the engine and the electric motor. While the former now generates around seven more horsepower, the latter can produce up to six more.

The Exterior – Bold and Sleek

The exterior has also received a few changes in order to make the vehicle look sportier and more attractive. A re-styled bumper and front grille are among the catchiest improvements. At the same time, the body’s design is also more practical with its low slung hood and increased aerodynamics.

Honda CR-Z Premium White Pearl

CR-Z is the most eye-catching Honda sports car, attracting young generation as well as car lovers from other age groups. It stands at a height of 1,395 mm with a total length of 4,075 mm. The wheelbase is 2,435 mm while the ground clearance is equal to 150 mm. It is an absolute beauty, shining at the onlookers in its elegant metallic colors.

The dynamic design comes with handy features including LED DRL lights, fog lights and automatic HID headlights. These stylishly designed lamps add to the beauty of the car. The uplifted rear rivals the extremely chic revamped Toyota corolla 2017.

Outstanding Efficiency and Economy

Honda CR Z hybrid houses a DC electric motor which receives its power through a 140-V Li-ion battery. It is a 15 kW motor which helps to yield appreciable fuel economy. The city mileage is 31 mpg and highway mileage is 38 mpg while using the hybrid power-train. Furthermore, the following features contribute towards increased efficiency as well as a healthier environment.

Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle

The car has been designed as an AT-PZEV which means that modern technology is used to produce negligible emission of by-products of the used up fuel. For this purpose, the car works as SULEV short for Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

Econ Button

The econ button is very useful for situations such as traffic jams. It leads to an optimized efficiency, increases power and consequently saves fuel wastage.

Idle Stop Feature

When you are slowing down the car or putting it in neutral gear, a green light on the instrument panel starts flashing to indicate that the Idle Stop feature has been activated. This feature temporarily turns the engine off, thereby saving your fuel and decreasing emissions.

Integrated Motor Assist Feature

One of the most useful features in the model is that of IMA. Unlike the conventional internal combustion engine, IMA combines the functions of alternator and started motor with the function of the electric motor. As a result, acceleration, recharging of the battery and regenerative braking are all taken care of through the same feature.

The Hi-Tech Interior

The interior is equipped with all the necessary features expected from such advanced cars. Apart from the standard features, the luxury of this model is expanded through several high-tech features incorporated in the interior for the passengers’ comfort as well as ease of the driver. These include the following

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Rearview Camera Display
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Optional Satellite Navigation System
  • Leather Covered Aluminum Shift Knob
  • Flexible Rear Cargo Console
Honda CR-Z Picture


The wonderful vehicle is definitely recommended to buyers who are looking for an efficient and environment friendly car with bedazzling beauty. The vehicle offers everything one can ask for comfort, practicality, safety, style and advanced technology.