Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Toyota FORTUNER (4X4 Hi) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 6,449,000
Toyota FORTUNER (4X2 Hi) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 6,099,000

Can you afford a high-end four-wheeler worth around six million rupees? You may not have a better choice than the Fortuner Sigma 4 from the house of Toyota. With its powerful specs and stature, it is bound to make you a fortunate traveller on the roads. The Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 price in Pakistan for the 4x4 Hi variant is about 6.2 million rupees. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the 4x2 Hi version, it can save you as much as four lack rupees.

Toyota Fortuner 2018

Let’s have a look at what makes a real difference in the redefined Fortuner for the current year.

Sigma 4 – A Statement of Power:

The latest Sigma 4 model brings the all-new Toyota Fortuner for the adventure enthusiasts. It is essentially an all-rounder travelling companion. You will find it a statement of power with a sense of purpose. The built-in 1GD engine gives exceptional accelerated performance so you can face all types of small and big hurdles with renewed confidence. The 1GD-FTV (Hi) machine measures 2755 cc in displacement which makes it more than twice as powerful as Corolla GLi from the house of the same manufacturers, Toyota.

It makes use of the In Line 4-cylinder technology to produce the maximum power output of 130 kW at the rate of 3400 revolutions per minute. The transmission type is 6-speed sequential so the road beast Sigma 4 can run at optimum balance and speed for any given situation. It has a gear for every situation which shifts automatically corresponding to the speed and the road conditions. However, you also have the facility of paddle shifters for manual gear shifting.

Maximized Safety Measures:

If you want to prioritize safety and annihilate challenges, the cutting-edge safety features of the new Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 2018 are there for the maximum protection of the occupants in case of the unlikely events of accidents. It not only protects the passengers in accidents, but also comes with several sophisticated functionalities to reduce the risk of accidents.

For example, the feature of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) prevents it from going off-road while taking a sharp turn on a curvy or zig-zag road. The VSC keeps the car on the track with firmness and stability. The Emergency Brake Signal (EBS) is another newly introduced safety feature which saves the car from crash while working in coordination with the Anti-Braking System (ABS).

Going uphill or coming down hill is a hard task that an ordinary vehicle is not able to afford while maintaining safety of the passengers. It falls in the domain of the grand Sigma 4 which can accomplish a safe uphill drive with the help of the Hill Assist Control Mechanism. The tyres are already strong enough to prevent slipping.

Toyota Fortuner 2018

Summing Up:

To sum up, with its grand stature and furious performance, the all-new Sigma 4 Toyota Fortuner 2018 is meant for those who are on an ever-evolving journey of achievement. It enables the riders to look straight into the eyes of the everyday hurdles and challenges. The Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 2018 price in Pakistan definitely seems to be high but the specs come forward to justify it. In short, the elite Fortuner is meant for the elite class aspiring for an elite journey.