Updated On: 24 October, 2019
Toyota Rush G AT Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 5,220,000
Toyota Rush G MT Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 5,040,000

Born to perform, the mini SUV Rush is based on the Daihatsu FT concept and its launch by Indus Motor company makes a great addition to the product line of Toyota in the country. In some markets, the compact SUV with same specs and stature is also known by certain other brand names, like the Terios and the Bego. Here the word ‘Terios’ literally means “making dreams come true”. The Rush translates your dreams for a thrilling, luxury-rich travelling experience into reality.

The power of the all-new Rush to glide freely on all terrains with absolute ease comes from its exceptional Submersion Height of 60 cm.

Toyota Rush 2019 Picture

Performance Facts & Figures:

The compact sports utility vehicle is fitted with an energetic 1.5 L machine that draws its power and fuel efficiency from the Dual Variable Valve Timing-Intelligent (VVT-i) technology.

Developed for the 2NR-VE engine, the 4-speed automatic transmission system ensures excellent force and fuel consumption. Meanwhile, the high-level acceleration management system of the vehicle serves to provide smoother driving and great control.

A manual transmission variation of the SUV is also available with an additional gear. With optimally tuned gear ratio, the 5-speed gearbox delivers both a comfortable travelling experience and an outstanding fuel economy.

The front engine, rear wheel drive layout of the car offers excellent maneuverability. At the same time, the minimum turning radius allows your new Rush to swiftly glide through narrow spaces despite its large body stature.

For all its great performance specs, the 2019 Toyota Rush price in Pakistan has been kept around four million rupees. And, if you go for the manual 5-speed variant, it offers a saving of over a lac rupees.

Exterior – The Versatile Wonder:

Versatility, beauty, style and luxury! These are some of the adjectives that define the exterior of the Toyota Rush 2019. Its ability to adapt renders the vehicle to be a perfect fit for an active and dynamic lifestyle.

New Toyota Rush 2019 Exterior

Some of the noteworthy things on the exterior include:

High Ground Clearance:

In addition to its wonderful Submersion Height (60 cm), the SUV’s framework offers an exceptional ground clearance of 220 mm. It improves the maneuverability of the new Rush on rough terrains and diverse road conditions.

Chrome Front Grille:

The seamlessly designed chrome front grille of Rush contributes to the smart yet bold exterior of the vehicle, thus rendering it a wide, sharp and advanced image.

Stylish Alloy Rims:

Here is a creative combination of turbine shaped rims with black-painted and machined surfacethat gives your sports utility vehicle a tough and dynamic look.

DRL Technology:

The daytime running lamps (DRL) and the perfectly designed LED lamps add a stylish edge to the new Rush. On the anterior, you will also come across the chrome covered fog lamps.

Rear Combination Lamps:

The LED-powered, rear combination lamps (RCL) serve to enhance the futuristic look of the vehicle. Their sleek, horizontal design enhances the characteristic graphics of the four-wheeler.

Push Start/Stop:

The engine supports the smart Push Start/Stop technology in a successful bid to enhance both convenience and control.

Interior – Acing at Elegance:

Exhibiting versatility on the exterior, the Rush exudes elegance and luxury in the interior. Let’s have a look at some of the interior specialties that provide a justification for the seemingly high 2019 Toyota Rush price in Pakistan.

Toyota Rush 2019 Interior Design

Sporty Speedometer:

Ergonomically fitted on the dashboard, there is a large twin meter with 3-dimensional scales, chrome-plated rings, and contrasting day/night illumination.

Steering Wheel with Switches:

As you would expect from any SUV of Rush’s stature, the steering wheel is provided with switches to control infotainment and other systems of the vehicle.

7” Capacitive Touchscreen:

The built-in multimedia system supports a handsomely large 7” capacitive touchscreen. It enables ahigh-resolution video and audio playback on multiple formats. At the same time, it also accepts a variety of inputs, so the travelers can get an enriched multimedia experience.

List of Most Popular Cars:

Dual Zone Auto AC& Rear Cooler:

The dual zone auto AC system allows the passengers on the front and the rear to set and enjoy the temperature of their choice. The rear cooler is also one of the big features of the sports utility car.

Expansive Cabin:

In addition to promoting style and comfort, the Rush’s cabin is spacious enough to accommodate as many as seven passengers while still sparing a large room for your cargo.


Toyota Rush’s cons include:

  • The SUV does not support the 4-wheel drive (4WD) mechanism. The front engine provides rear wheel drive.
  • Only 4-speed gear-box. But the automatic transmission system compensates for the lack of additional gears.
  • It sounds a bit expensive with Toyota Rush 2019 price in Pakistan being around four millions.