Updated On: 24 October, 2019
Toyota Prius 2019 Price In Pakistan
Price Rs. 8,370,000

Launched around two decades ago in 1997, the Prius is currently in its fourth generation. While China and Japan are the largest markets of Prius, it is sold in more than 90 countries of the world. Though far less powerful than the Fortuner, the Toyota Prius 2019 price in Pakistan is almost equal to that of its sibling.

Fortuner vs Prius:

The comparison and contrast of Fortuner and Prius reveals that the former is a 7-seater SUV, while the latter is a 5-seater luxury vehicle. The former is powered by a 2755 cc engine, and the latter gets its force from the 1798 cc machine. The fuel tank of the Fortuner (80 L) is almost twice larger than that of Prius (45 L). The overall body stature of the Fortuner is significantly larger than that of its sibling along all dimensions. The Fortuner’s wheels are also larger, stronger, and sturdier.

When Fortuner seems to be better in specs and stature, what makes Prius become an equal in price? It is particularly the improved technology, luxury, safety and convenience of driving that justify the Toyota Prius 2019 price in Pakistan.

Toyota Prius 2019 Exterior

HSD – Class-Leading Performance:

The extraordinary performance of the Prius comes from the revolutionary Hybrid Synergy Drive(HSD) which offers a perfect combination of a high-efficiency gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor. The HSD delivers a seamless acceleration together with incredible fuel efficiency and low emissions.

It includes the following notable technologies:

1.8L Fuel Efficient Machine:

The 1.8-liter fuel-efficient engine utilizes a range of advanced technologies, including a cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, the Atkinson cycle and a VVT-i that serve to enhance performance as well as give exceptional fuel efficiency accompanied by low emissions.

Increased Output Density:

The increased output density of the motor/generator system makes the performance more dynamic.

Power Split Device:

Integrated into the machine, the power split device serves as an electrically controlled continuously variable transmission.

NI-MH Battery:

The nickel-metal hydride battery is a small high-efficiency powerhouse that provides optimum electricity to the motor.

Compact, Lightweight PCU:

The compact, lightweight power control unit (PCU) is there to optimize the control of DC current from the battery and AC current from driving the motor and generator. It can boost the battery voltage up to a maximum of 600V!

List of Most Popular Cars:

The class leading performance and efficiency of the Prius 2019 is further reinforced by the following:

Smart Engine Stop:

As you stop your Prius in traffic, the engine automatically cuts out. It also cuts out while driving in response to driving conditions.

Regenerative Brake System:

Coordinating control with the lightweight ECB (Electrically Controlled Brake System), the state-of-the art regenerative brake system harnesses the kinetic energy generated by braking to charge the nickel-metal hydride battery.

Aero-Stabilizing Fins:

The aero-stabilizing fins have been strategically designed and positioned to minimize air resistance and improve the aerodynamic performance.

Double Wishbone Rear Suspension:

The lightweight, double wishbone rear suspension makes a major contribution to the total control of the vehicle.It enhances stability, handling and ride comfort.

Spacious, Ergonomic Interior:

The spacious, ergonomically designed interior of the Prius redefines the standard of comfort and convenience both the passengers and driver.

It offers the apex-end facilities, like keyless entry & start, steering wheel switches, on-the-go connectivity, drive mode switch with advanced design, smart AIRCON climate control system, and ultra-responsive Toyota Touch technology.

With electronic key, you can lock or unlock any door by simply gripping the door handle. And to start the engine, you just need to push down on the brake paddle and activate the start button.

There are multi-functional switches at the steering wheel which allow the do multiple tasks without taking their hands offer the steering wheel.

Powered by Toyota Touch, the interior offers a sleek, tablet-style 7” touchscreen. It is provided with drag and flick controls and also houses an advanced audio system offering compatibility with smartphones.

Sharp & Confident Exterior:

Offering a big feast for the eyes of onlookers, the exterior is not only sharp and confident but also bold and impressive. Its eye-catching design exudes a striking sporty look. At the same time, it is aesthetically astounding.

Exclusive Body Shades:

As in features and furnishing, the 2019 Prius offers diversity in colors too. An interested buyer can go for any of the seven available body shades, including Attitude Black Mica, Dark Blue Mica, Gray Metallic, Emotional Red, Super White, White Pearl, and Silver Metallic.

List of Toyota Prius Previous Models:

Prius Competitors:

The major competitor of Prius in the market is Honda Civic Hybrid. Meanwhile, Honda’s Insight and Accord also come with almost similar specs and stature. However, the Prius enjoys a distinct position for its exclusive style and tech-combinations.