Updated On: 6 Aug, 2018
Suzuki Vitara GL+ Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 3,490,000
Suzuki Vitara GLX Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 3,790,000

Vitara – An Awards Winner SUV:

The Suzuki Vitara is a perfect sports utility vehicle (SUV). The SUV has won severalprestigious awards for incredible power, style, performance and lightweight. For example, the UK based Honest John Awards declared it “Car of the Year” for 2016. On the other hand, it earned the title of the Best Ultralight Tow Car from the Tow Car Awards in the same year. Meanwhile, the Drive, Australia, called it the Best City SUV in the year 2015. The title of “Best Compact Crossover” has been awarded by the Sunday Times, United Kingdom. After the global recognition of the Vitara’s worth,the Suzuki Vitara price in Pakistan seems an attractive package.

4th Generation of Vitara – Also Launched in Pakistan:

The 4th generation of Vitara was unveiled in the Paris Motor Show in the year 2014. Now Pak Suzuki announces the launch of Suzuki Vitara 2017 in Pakistan. The first generation of Vitara appeared in 1988. It could not, however, attract the attention of buyers for being low standard.

So, the second generation was much better. Then came the third generation with further improvement in tech and style in 2005. The year 2014 saw the release ofthe fourth generation of the car. Now, the Suzuki Vitara 2017 model also makes itsway to Pakistani automobile market.

Suzuki Vitara

Four Driver Selectable Modes:

Against reasonable Suzuki Vitara price in Pakistan, the sports utility vehicle has anamazing 4WD ALL GRIP system. This revolutionary system allows the driver to switch to any of the four available modes depending on the specific road condition. These are: Auto Mode, Sport Mode, Snow Mode and Lock Mode.

In the Auto Mode, the vehicle normally runs on the 2WD. However, on the detection of tyre slippage, the SUV automatically switches to 4WD. This measure is to increase the fuel economy.

When the driver switches to Sport Mode, the car runs on 4WD. As a result, the torque and accelerator characteristics adjust themselves to increase the engine response. Here you will get supreme cornering performance for safe passage on winding roads and sharp turns.

The Lock Mode ensures the constant distribution of high torque to the rear wheels. So, the vehicle is able to generate maximum traction. If, unfortunately, your SUV becomes stuck, the controls like ESP are turned on. With the help of these controls, you can extricate it easily from the deep mud and snow.

Here you should also note that if you run the car at 60 km/h in the Lock Mode, the Snow Mode will be switched on.

As the very name suggests, the snow mode is for snowy surfaces. You should switch it on for safe passage over the snowy or slippery surfaces. In other words, you need this mode while driving on mud, snow or ice. In this mode, your car detects the slippery surface ahead and turns on the mechanisms necessary to increase its gripon the surface.

Suzuki Vitara Price in Pakistan:

Suzuki Vitara price in Pakistan varies across different models. For example, the GLX models is the most expensive one. That is, Suzuki Vitara GLX is available against around 3.8 million rupees. The GL+ variant, on the other hand, is a bit lessexpensive. Its price is nearly 3.4 million rupees.

Suzuki Vitara Side View

At the same time, your loveliest sports car Suzuki Vitara 2018 is also available against just 3.5 million rupees. There is a big price gap and, consequently, greater affordability! Here, however, you need to compromise for some great features. That is, it is a 2WD version with manual transmission. Even then, it gives you an air ofthe superb sports car.