Toyota Fortuner 2023 Price in Pakistan with Pictures and Features

Updated On:21 Mar, 2023
FORTUNER G (4X2 2TR Std Petrol)
Price Rs 15,809,000
FORTUNER V (4X4 2TR Hi Petrol)
Price Rs 18,099,000
Price Rs 19,079,000
FORTUNER Legender (4X4 2755CC Diesel)
Price Rs 20,129,000
Fortuner 4x4 GR-S (2755cc Diesel)
Price Rs 21,089,000

For all Toyota lovers who seek grandeur along with a power-filled performance, Toyota Fortuner is an option which should not be ignored. This SUV was introduced in Pakistani auto market back in 2009 for the very first time. In 2017, here is a piece of fabulous news for all potential car buyers that Toyota Fortuner 2017 has been assembled inside the country. Therefore, there will be a reduction of about thirty-seven percent in the Toyota Fortuner price in Pakistan as compared to the cost of the imported versions. Moreover, another thrilling piece of news is that your favorite vehicle is now available with an automatic transmission system.

Toyota Fortuner 2023

3 Gorgeous Shades

Toyota's Fortuner is a vehicle which looks glamorous from every angle as you can see in Toyota Fortuner pictures. It is available in three gorgeous colors in the Pakistani market. The metal body of Fortuner speaks of strength and durability.

Additions to Exterior

Its exterior went through an extreme makeover during the last one year. Sharper lines, a broader front grille and bigger headlights are a few of the most prominent changes which have been brought to the front of the vehicle. In fact, the SUV has a completely new face now. These modifications have resulted in a new Fortuner which resembles the Land Cruiser to a great extent.

What it Lacks

Toyota's logo on the vehicle's front grille serves as a sign of quality and standard. However, there are a few areas where Fortuner could have been better. The introduction of an automatic version of Toyota Fortuner in 2017 was welcomed in the market, but unfortunately there isn't anything more exciting about this new model. This four gear automatic vehicle cannot compete with the 5-speed automatic Ford Endeavor or the 6-gear automatic Hyundai Santa Fe in the international market. So, it would have been better if the manufacturers had made a little more effort to add more gears to the vehicle. Perhaps this is what the company has in mind for the next generations of this SUV.

Sluggish Gearbox

The gearbox is also a little sluggish in the automatic version of the automobile. This poses problems when you need to speed up in a hurry. However, it is still much faster than the manual version of the SUV.

Matchless Power

There are absolutely no issues involved when it comes to the power of the vehicle. At 1,400 rpm, a torque of 35 kgm is generated. This means there is a considerable amount of pulling power.

Toyota Fortuner 2023

Light Weight

Moreover, the performance is further enhanced by its light-weight. Being ninety-five Kg lighter than the manual version, it lets you feel very light and smooth to handle and offers lots of energy when you drive it. A Twin CAM 2TR-FE engine powers up this huge vehicle.

Bottom Line

Just like other magnificent vehicles, Toyota's Fortuner has a large price tag attached to it. The luxury of this vehicle costs you over 5 million rupees in Pakistan's auto market. Therefore, the marvelous SUV with its nifty new features is exclusively available for the elite class of the country. This six-seater is out of reach of most of the average income families who cannot pay Toyota Fortuner price.