New 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid Price in Pakistan

Updated On: 20 Mar, 2023
Toyota Camry Hybrid - High Grade
Price Rs. 53,859,000

A piece of striking luxury, is an exquisitely new four-wheeler with an advanced Human-Machine Interface which depicts a high level of wisdom and creativity on the part of the engineers. Here you can experience an all-empowering performance for short or long journeys over difficult terrains. Meanwhile, being a luxury vehicle for elite class, it demands over 82 lac rupees in terms of the Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan.

An Empowering Ride:

Every ride on Toyota’s Camry is empowering and energizing. The four-cylinder based machine measures 2487 cubic centimeter in displacement which means it is three times as powerful as Mehran – the most affordable family car from another Japanese automaker, Suzuki. The 2487cc engine has the potential to generate over 175 mechanical horsepower. So, you can drive it confidently in hilly areas with sharp up and down slopes. It offers 6-speed automatic transmission system with CVT technology and the sequential shift mechanism. Here the 6-speed gearbox means the vehicle gets an appropriate gear for every type of route and situation. The up and down gear-switching occurs automatically as the need arises.

At the same time, the Euro 5 emission standards not only contribute to its fuel efficiency but also make the car considerably environment friendly.

Absolute Control & Safety:

The advanced brake control mechanism of the car includes ABS, TRC, Brake Hold, HAC and other efficient technologies. All these systems and mechanisms work collectively to ensure the safety and security of the vehicle as well as the passengers.

The built-in Vehicle Stability Control or VSC system renders stability to the car while making a sharp turn at a dangerously high speed. In the absence of VSC, the vehicle starts staggering and the driver is likely to lose its control. Another advanced safety system is the Hill-Start Assist Control which prevents the Camry from going out of control while going a steep uphill.

The vehicle’s framework is based on the impact-absorbing structure. It is kind to both the occupants and pedestrians as it reduces injury in the event of an unfortunate collision. In addition, the Camry comes equipped with 6 SRS airbags that help to reduce injuries to the driver and the passengers when deployed.

3 Integrated Driving Modes:

With Camry Hybrid, you get the 3-in-1 driving experience. It is through the provision of three different driving modes, namely, Eco, Sport and Normal. When the normal mode is on, standard driving mechanisms are turned on. In case of Eco mode, exhaust (and power generation) get minimized. This mode helps keep the environment pure while also saving you a significant amount in terms of fuel expenditure.

The sports mode is meant for an enthusiastic sporty drive. However, as you switch to the sports mode, the fuel consumption increases. It is because the generation of greater force involves the burning of more energy.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Exterior 2023

Cutting the discussion short, though the Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan makes it unreachable for the lower economic stratum of the society, it is a luxury-rich beauty with unique combinations and blend of features.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Exterior 2023