Suzuki Jimny In Pakistan

Updated On: 18 Nov, 2022
Jimny GA MT
Price Rs. 6,049,000

The Suzuki family has some of the most practical and reliable Sedans, Hatch-backs and pick-up vans as its valuable members. Suzuki Jimny is an off-road vehicle which has also been an important part of this family since 1968.

Stylish Postmodern Jeep

For forty-five years, this jeep has been passing through gradual modifications in its appearance generation after generation. Now, 2017 is the year when this vehicle gets another make-over in order to be classified as a more modern and stylish jeep.

Latest Enhancements

The most prominent updates include a modified bumper along with a revamped front grille. Due to a larger bumper, the overall length of the jeep has inevitably been increased slightly by 3 cm.

Color Choice

In Pakistan, the jeep is available in a classy solid white shade. Unfortunately, there are currently no more color options. However, you can enjoy the latest design for 2017 which makes this jeep a lot more dashing than its ancestors.

Available Models

Right now, there are two models available, both of which run with manual transmission system, i.e. Jimny JLSX and JLDX where the latter costs comparatively higher. Suzuki Jimny price in Pakistan for both the models (JLSX and JLDX) is slightly higher than two million rupees.

16-Valve, 4-Cylinder Engine

This vehicle contains Suzuki's typical M13A engine which contains sixteen valves and four cylinders. There have been no modifications or upgrades for Suzuki Jimny 2017 model. The same engine runs the current version with a decent feature of fuel efficiency. MPI fuel distribution helps the vehicle run smoothly.

5-Speed Transmission

The manual transmission system has five speed levels. No more gears have been added in the year 2023, even though this upgrade would really have helped elevate the status of this rather basic jeep.

Some Ordinary Features

The Suzuki Jimny price might seem affordable at first in comparison to other luxurious jeeps and mini-SUVs manufactured by the rival companies. However, you will start getting second thoughts about this price tag after discovering some of the flaws in the vehicle. There are a few serious drawbacks which Suzuki manufacturers have not removed even in this latest version of the locomotive.

Suzuki Jimny
  • Firstly, this giant four-seat vehicle looks like it has a desirably roomy interior, but the reality is not the same. No doubt, the headroom is impressive, but the legroom is not at all sufficient. The reason behind this is the jeep's small wheelbase.
  • Moreover, the boot is also small which can hardly accommodate any luggage. In case you want to travel with some baggage, you will have to fold the rear seats down. Doing this will instantly give you a lot of room for your stuff. Unfortunately, this means there will be no room for the rear seat passengers if you are travelling with some luggage.
  • The drivers will also face difficulty as their seat cannot be adjusted up and down. This means, your seat will remain at the same height throughout the journey very inconvenient and uncomfortable for long trips.
  • Drivers also complain that Jimny’s steering wheel is not as responsive as they would have liked it to be.
  • The vehicle is also disappointing as far as agility is concerned. It takes 14.1 seconds to accelerate from zero to just 62 mph.
  • It is not the exterior, but the performance and the interior of Jimny which needed an upgrade in 2017.
  • At the moment, the vehicle only offers basic features with nothing exciting and advanced. A disappointing performance, lack of modern safety features and a rather uncomfortable interior need the attention of Suzuki manufacturers. Hopefully, the next model of Jimny will come out with all the necessary enhancements for a vehicle which doesn't only appear to be great on the outside, but also gives exceptional performance.
  • There is no automatic version available for Suzuki's Jimny so far. This update is hoped for in the future. Suzuki should maintain its pace with other advanced vehicles which offer both manual as well as automatic versions. For instance, Toyota’s Fortuner is a mini-SUV which just went automatic last year. In the midst of such well-established competitors, Suzuki should seriously consider bringing this update to its Jimny jeep in order to improve its sale.
  • Jimny offers very basic safety features. There are only two air bags. Moreover, the vehicle lacks stability control. This is a huge deficiency for an off-road vehicle. This jeep cannot, therefore, fulfill the modern safety requirements.
Suzuki Jimny Back Side Full View

Bottom Line

Whatever the ordinary features it may by containing, the potential buyers cannot ignore its great importance as one of the most efficient off-road vehicle of the postmodern era.