Updated On: 02 September, 2018
Honda Civic 2017 1.8 i-VTec
Price Rs. 2,349,000
Honda Civic 2017 1.8 i-VTec Oriel
Price Rs. 2,499,000
Honda Civic 2017 1.5 VTec Turbo
Price Rs. 2,999,000

Civic 2017 – A Class-Leader in Every Way:

The latest Honda Civic 2017 version, from the Japanese automobile manufacturer,is going to offer lots of luxurious accomplishments. Brimming with style and finesse, the vehicle is sure to attract a large pool of customers from across the world. Both the outlook and performance have been improved from inside out. The chic interior has been designed in such a way that it provides maximum level of comfort and safety to the passengers. The control and operational feasibility also touch the climax of perfection. Meanwhile, the enhanced fuel efficiency and incredible power generation also play their part to make Honda’s Civic 2017 the class-leader in every way. On the other hand, the Honda Civic 2017 price in Pakistan has been maintained at an amazingly low level, i.e. the actual worth of the vehicle seems to be far greater.

Plenty of "Firsts" to Civic’s Credit:

Belonging to the family of elite sedans, the carattaches several ‘firsts’ to its name.Here follows the list of such unique and marvelous features:

  • Firstly, with room of 112 cubic feet for passengers and cargo, the new Civic emerges as the first midsize car that fulfills modern standards. A bit smaller than its Accord sibling, it renders sharper handling and sportier driving.
  • The second “first” refers to its energetic Turbo Engine that is capable of generating up to 174 horsepower of force. It can increase the acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hours in just 6.8 seconds that is considerably faster than that of the previous generation members.
  • Against justifiably high Honda Civic 2017 price in Pakistan, the latest model of this wonderful car offers as much as 20% more fuel economy than its predecessors. While on the highway, you can drive for up to 42 miles with a single gallon of fuel. This is something bound to be most appealing for the individuals already troubled with shrinking economy and the increased fuel prices.
  • The fourth amazing feature, not to be found in the competitors, is that of the groundbreaking exterior that looks stunning from every angle. Comparing the present 2017 model with the previous 2015 version, the latter is characterized by quality, sensibility, efficiency and logic, while the former happens to be bold, fast, high-tech, adventurous and groundbreaking.
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  • The latest Civic release enjoys the distinction of being one of the lowest priced cars of its type in the US. And the same level of economy is visible from the whole of its history. The first ever model of the car, launched in 1972 had the list price of around $2200, making it an extremely economical car of that time.
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  • Surprisingly, the 2017 model is the first Civic that can be equated with the stature of Audi A3 and BMW 320i. In terms of body size, the 2017 Civic is nearly identical to the same year model of the 320i. They also measure almost the same in power. Turning to the price factor, Civic takes the ground with significant margin.

Summing up, new Civic 2017 comes with thoroughly redefined interior and exterior which serve to make it bold, adventurous and extremely luxurious. This time, the celebrated sedan from Honda, gives you ever greater power, chic design, and an extreme level of fuel economy. Boasting of several “firsts” to its credit, the car is worth every penny the interested buyers would pay for it.

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